Muench  Mammoth German Shepherds and Puppies


Litter born Sept 04 next littter of puppies end of 2015  (one litter will be with a German import Female and German shepard from germanys lines) (one litter of puppies second generation import female and our love big purple black Stud Rudi on Duty 2 years 0n Dez.25 2015. We have all papers and one of the female imports longer hair has her passport and 5 th generation papers.All of our dogs have 5 th Generation paper.We have been breeding dogs in America since 1995.Not all of our dogs are jet have pictures or are not featured coming soon.Puppy comes with Microchip all needed shots and deworming 2 times is all included in your puppy package.No extra hidden charges.Are you ready?We keep all puppys under infrared heat and flooring to keep nice and warm and its darker room thats helps them to devlop a bit slower and its better for their eyes.Play time in the beginning is rubing and massaging. I also play music and make sure they ok 24/7. My puppies come from the best home and care and lots of love.Next week all puppies get a health check from our vet.That also included in their prizes.You will get a super healty puppy.We also purchased our domain and soon you will see more good changes.And we open to your ideas,also.Karina Muench

Also we all at Muench Mammoth will never have any inbreeding.Only the highest standards and qualty breeding with european imports and some 2 second generation import.We at moment have 3 females with me and one is coming soon from germany.We have to offer all black and red/black GSD.We promise the black one are purple black and super/red black.No bleeding true.And we also offer soon tan/black. European red is more red then in america,also will have long haired and short haired super smooth,german shepards.As seen on older last litter pictures.Udate coming soon. Prizes start at $750 for pets. With papers 1000 to 1200.I cater to all types of clients.Including if this kind of dog is new to you.We will help you can call us,if you got a puppy from us.Hips are garnteed.Deposit are taking when we have a litter so you can pick out you puppy asap.Deposit $ 350 people to have a good german shepard cash or credit card..We also can help you to import a puppy. Starting at about $ 750 and up.Depending on the dog you want.We are from Germany and will help you.But you will find our puppies absolutely perfect to German standards.LOCATION NWI HAMMOND INDIANA.

Born new litter Red/black and all black Sep 04 2015  $850 for companionship and protection puppies.No breeder right or pedigree papers. With papers $1200-$1500.

Next litter in December /January Krishna and Rudi in January and February princess blondie and Rudi. Also soon you see pictures of our new edition Puppy female Sheba Kisses. She is red/black perfect markings No bleeding though in black and healthy.