Muench  Mammoth German Shepherds and Puppies


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From Our White Show Girl Yeta Snoopy Girl
Premium  Plus Package Only 850 to 1000
Featuring German Shepherd Puppy Import Lines
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NEXT LITTER Born July 22nd. From Peaches and Cream and Rudi on Duty.

Rudi and Trudi on Duty.

New Litter Taking Deposits Now...                    Call Me 1-219-951-2434.

Yeta Soopy Girl.

Last Litter Sold Out Fast.

Yeta Snoopy Girl.. She Has The Hitler Bloodline Pure Blood German Shepherd Puppy. Our newest member of our pack. Born May 22 2016.


We have 6 beautiful dogs. All are AKC and/or  TGSA and/or CKC registered. They come from an all German and/or Czech and/or Polish German Shepard Blood line. From an German Shepard Champions with Schutzhund 1-3 and various other titles. They are well tempered but do guard there house and yard.

  Our Main Stud Rudi, is all black and is 2 year old. He is a big boy, but he is a gentle giant. He weighs about 120 lbs now, but he will get bigger in a year or two. His dad is 150 lbs. He still is a big puppy. He does guard his yard and house well. He has a very big and deep bark. He also likes to howl when he hears sirens. He is very well tempered and listens very well. We are teaching him to be social, but he will bark at you outside of fence or the house. We stud him out for $700 or Our choice of a puppy if the blood line is excellent or if we like it.

The dame's Peaches and Cream and Yeta Snoopy Girl  are our white Pure Breed German Shepherd Queens. Peaches has had two successful litters. Yeta Snoopy Girl will have a litter soon.

We are raising are dogs for family life only. They may go to training in near future. The male may go to showing after his training. He is very beautiful.

We will post them individually when they get older and all there colors come out.

To secure a puppy from next litter we are taking deposits per postal money order or Cash only.  We are not taking credit cards at this time but there are ATMS close to us.

We are excepting deposits $ 350 now to hold the puppy that you pick out when we have a litter.

Our deposits are non refundable.

We will not hold a puppy on a verbal agreement.

Our premium puppy package see below


 Our puppies are from Championship blood line. Comes with a 5th generation import bloodline Pedigree with some packages. They come from an all Import German Blood line of German Shepard Champions with Schutzhund 1-3 and various other titles. They are well tempered but do guard there house and yard. 100% pure German Line German Shepherd..Never Cage Raised. They are raised as our pets. Includes up to date vaccinations(Canine Spectra 9 Vaccines Plus Duramune CV-K Coronavirus Vaccine). Vet Health Check papers included. Puppies are Dewormed at 2, 4, 6, & 8 weeks of age, then again at 12 & 16 weeks of age. Health guarantee with some packages.

Pet Only Package: $850 Puppy comes with current vaccines and deworming's and bill of sale.

 Our Basic Plus Package Price: $ 1000 comes with Full  TGSA registration and 1 Pedigree Paper. Microchip included.This is at least a package were you get a registration to TGSA .You have a registered German Shepherd for life,you have the papers.But not your baby if he or she passes away,and if you want to buy a second GSD you need the bloodline papers,to find a similar GSD..Highly recommended.

Our Premium Package Price: comes with Full Continental Kennel Club and TGSA Registration with breeding rights and 2 pedigree papers $1200 and microchip included, plus hip guaranteed. We replace your Dog,if he/she has hip problems.

See Our Bill of Sale and Health Guarantee on About Us Page.

Our Terms:

We recommend new puppy owners to get a book on how to raise a German Shepherd Puppy.
Puppy should be fed the same food that it has been eating with us.

The Puppy is now your property. You are the new owner of the puppy. The  puppy must be taken to a vet for a vet wellness check and/or any other things like vaccines, deworming, or medicines if needed at new owners expense within a 24hr period. Puppies get easily sick from stress of moving and can pick up illnesses from new owners and new environments.
It is the new owners responsibility for the puppies well being. It is the new owners responsibility if the puppy gets sick to take it to the vet.
Get A free Micro chip when you purchase a puppy with this business card. And also with this card $ 50 discount of the prize of your puppy.

SAFE MONEY Program always look whats new we came up with.To safe you money.Miltiray and police discounts.Veteran discounts.Call us.

Happy New Owner of Sheba Kisses

Our Proven Stud
Big Boned Long and Tall. Blue Black 2yrs 120lbs and growing

All Import German Blood line of German Shepard Champions with Schutzhund 1-3 and various other titles. He is  well tempered but  guards the house and yard. Born Dec.25th 2013. Our Christmas boy.

Sired two large litters in one year. We stud him out for $700 or Our choice of a puppy if the blood line is excellent or if we like it.

Our Snow White Peaches and Cream TORI ALLE STERNE Bloodline.
She is 1 year old and 95lbs.

THIS IS MISS PEACHES AND CREAM and we call her Peaches.We happy to bring her into our family. She is going to be our big girl. She is the love of my (they all are ) life.She would be a great search and rescue dog.This is going to be a good 100 to 120 pound female and she has the best personality and because she is such a big puppy we cant wait for the puppies 2016. But no white puppies.This are the sporting colors Red/black or tan/black. all black. silver/black. and sable red sable. We cant wait. She has a 10 conformation she glides. .Personality mellow, but she will stand her ground and a great Show dog possibility. Welcome home Peaches.

Pics at 5 and 6 months old pics of Peaches and Cream Show Girl